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free QT framework works with Freds' lessons

Started by Paul Breen, February 18, 2010, 01:37:09 AM

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Paul Breen

I have found another free download that will compile the code posted here. Go to
The full download for the 'whole enchalada' is quite large (300+ Meg) but it is incredibly complete. The best help system I have seen on any computer program, of any kind. Includes a version of g++ that is configured automatically. It was a simple automated install for me. Free for non-commercial use. The templates, or skeleton code for console apps has some strange includes but I just blast (cntrl+a paste) the whole main.cpp file with the code here and all the lessons I have tried have compiled perfectly. This framework is very impressive but I won't get into it here. If you are interested check it out. Looks comparable, or even more complete, than c++ builder.