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Has anyone use Windev ?

Started by Chris Chancellor, October 10, 2017, 02:26:44 PM

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Chris Chancellor

Has anyone use Windev  ?


Does it produce C++ or other native codes for you?
Appreciate your comments on this product.

Patrice Terrier

Yes, i have used it since version 8, and keep using it with version 17 (currently version 22 in English, 23 in French).

WinDev itself is written in C++, however the WLanguage doesn't create native code, but p-code that requires a dedicated framework (a huge pool of dedicated C++ DLL), something similar to the .NET Framework, or the THINBASIC interpreter from Eros Olmi

I am able to use my PowerBASIC 32-bit DLL or my 64-bit C++ DLL with WinDev when i need to perform real time processing or if i want to boost the IL code.

The WLanguage syntax is very close to the one used in PB, making the translation rather easy as long as you are using the SDK syntax.
WinDev is years ahead of PB, and i wrote (for others) many complex applications with it that i couldn't have written without it.
It is perfect for everything related to buisiness work, however not meant for real time processing except if you mix it with native DLL code.

Along the years i wrote many examples showing how to use my own addons (GDImage/WinLIFT) with it.

As a matter of example see

and make sure to read this section
Patrice Terrier
GDImage (advanced graphic addon)

Chris Chancellor

Thanxx Patrice

My Only reservation about Windev would be its pcode, which would be insecure and slow
execution. Further it requires a huge block of dlls  kind of like .Net framework make the
software lockdown.  I'm trying to move away from .Net and its IL

Patrice Terrier

QuoteMy Only reservation about Windev would be its pcode, which would be insecure and slow execution.

Did you try one of my WinDev demo?
if not, you should give them a try before going to any conclusion.
Some of them are avaible in PB, in C++, and WinDev, i bet you that you won't see any difference between them, except for the binary size.
WinDev is not more bloated than DotNET, and its p-code is more secure than any C# IL code.
(And with a little experience it is possible to reduce the size of its framework drastically)

It is part of my toolbox, just like PB and C++
Hundred thousands of programmers world wild are using it, they couldn't be all wrong  8)

Some of the biggest European companies and government's agencies are also using it ...

Patrice Terrier
GDImage (advanced graphic addon)