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BLIB library manager for current version of PB.

Started by Steve Hutchesson, January 19, 2015, 11:47:36 PM

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Steve Hutchesson

Hi Marc,

The problem with Microsoft COFF format is PB cannot use it because it has data types that cannot be handled in COFF format. Most compilers have their own format of object module and while a few can use each others, many cannot. I am like many people who have used a language for a long time, I have over 15 years of 32 bit PB code floating around on different machines and buried in different archives and its hard to keep track of it all where in MASM which I regularly use it has always been in library format ad much easier to keep track of large volumes of code over a long period of time.

Theo Gottwald

I have used SLL as a replacement for "Modules":
In other languages like Modula 2 you have "Modules". Thats an own namespace.
A SLL is such a Module, its an own namespace.

This way i can quickly add a subprogramm that was compiled with an older set of inlcude files to a program that needs another set of include files.
Of course i could go through all the code, find the pleces where the conflicts are etc.
But it easier to just make a SLL, and use it.

PS: I have seen a Forum called "Test 2015" in the PB-Forum. This is Password protected.
Going from there i would say that there is development ongoing.
Maybe we get a new PB version next year? With Modules? :-)