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Crypto-Currencies: "Allowance to print Money? - GRANTED!"

Started by Theo Gottwald, November 27, 2013, 12:14:56 PM

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Theo Gottwald

Have you ever asked "How is it if i can print my own money?"
You can try. Using actual Crypto-Currencies you can print own money.

I am not talking about ..."Bitcoin Minning".
Of course in this process you may also be able to generate your own "Bitcoins".
And later sell them for - price today - US$ 700.

I am talking of the fact that Bitcoins are limited and much more "Crypto Currencies" are popping up anywhere.

And bescause Bitcoin was once cheap and is now expensive, anybody tries to get a hand also on these new "Crypto Currencies",
hoping it could be the "next Bitcoin".

Rich people buy for Millions of US$ - just a brand new Crypto-Currency, THAT YOU COULD HAVE PROGRAMMED yourself
with some knowledge, in a few weeks!

You don't believe?


Anybody can - TODAY - start an own Crypto Currency and sell "Hashsumms for Money".

These Crypto-Currencies can then be exchanged into US$ or into Bitcoins - for example here:

Bitcoin-Stock Market

Take a look HOW many Crypto-Currencies are at this time ON SELL.

Even Fond-Managing Companies go into Bitcoin, because in 2011
1 Bitcoin was 0.0001 US$ and today 1 Bitcoin IS 700 US$ - RISING.

And that without any need for %. Even Moslems can invest here!

Now this is possibly risky, because a Hash Sum has NO inner value, otehr then that people can buy and sell it.
Anyway, its the same witzh a Picasso. The value of the picture is what people pay for it.

Now ask yourself:
Can't you just also make an own Crypto Currency?

As it looks, in a few month people will buy any of these just because they exist ...
And in 2 or 3 years we'll get a crash that is predictable today, becuase ... Hashsumms are no real value.

But until then you can get a new car and a new house froim this.

Let me share two Links, where you can freely register and getr started:

Buy and sell Bitcoins here.

Crypto Currency Minning - Investments (for not technical interested who justwant be part of the Hype)