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FireFly Freebasic extensions

Started by Marc Pons, February 15, 2013, 04:58:45 PM

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Marc Pons

Thanks a lot to Paul Squires for his fantastic Firefly RAD Tool .
And also for his permission to share my personal contributions ...

Here is what I have done  to expand the possibilities to the Firefly FreeBasic +

Compile to Exe or Dll ;
Compile with or without console;
more Options and menus

Several modifications directly on the firefly.exe file using reshacker and hex editor
    to modify  and add menus items
    to make 1correction ($crlf from PowerBasic syntax) in the messagebox tool
    to modify the included template code  to allow dll creation and ztrace possibility ...
    I renamed the file :    FireFlyMP.exe  (MP > More Possibilities)

I've also created  5 extra files :
    to hook the firefly exe menu             : FB_FF3MP.Dll
    to realize all the extended compilation options    : FF3_CompFBMP.EXE
    to give a "trace window" to help debugging      : zTraceFB.dll   modified original from Patrice Terrier toll
    a Chm+ file for the extra features         : FireFly+.chm   
   and Finally  a launcher to organize everything       : FireFly3_FB.exe

Everything is available here :

All works fine, and I now use it for my own tools, plus the Editor  companion I use with : CSED_FB
modification of the Jose Roca editor.

All the dll and exe have been done with PowerBasic 10.

Thank's all the people I have nomined here, I've learned a lot from them.

Paul Squires

Thanks Marc, I hope that your additions to the FireFly Freebasic version is of great use to other FreeBasic users.

FreeBasic is a very good product. Too bad that development of it slowed. There remains a small core group of programmers that are driving the product forward and they are doing a great job. The language itself has a distinct "C" flavor to it in terms of what influences its direction (that's a good thing). They are working very hard on expanding the OOP capabilities and the recent addition of a "C" code generation backend certainly compliments the existing "Asm" one. There is certainly a lot of cross operating system usage for the compiler. Many of the posters in that forum regularly use FB on Linux.
Paul Squires
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Brice Manuel

Thank you for the additions Marc.  Your hard work is greatly appreciated.

Josnan Petrel

as is can compile a dll with firefly
always me strip an exe
not meeting the solution

Marc Pons

to Josnan

explain more ... it sould works if you use the extended functionnalities

Josnan Petrel

can be compiled as a dll
from your version of firefly

can you give an example