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The Dome Project

Started by Charles Pegge, August 24, 2007, 10:57:11 PM

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Charles Pegge

The ZIP below is a project to develop various dome designs, written in $ script, and includes the console-based $.exe.

When the GO batch file is run, five 3d dome models will be generated in X3D script along with dimensions in accompanying text files.

To see these domes you will need an X3D browser. I use FLUX from MediaMachines, developed by Tony Parisi, the inventor of VRML.

This is is compact program that not only provides a stand-alone browser, but also plugins for Firefox and Explorer, and can be downloaded from here:


Each dome is specified in an XML-like format, which can be directly interpreted as a $ object and used to generate several outputs including the X3D model.

I will be updating this project quite frequently, replacing the original ZIP as it progresses.

Kent Sarikaya

Those are some amazing Dome designs Charles. Thanks!
Really fun and exciting to see the creative combos you have come up with!

Theo Gottwald

CHarles, my WInRar says that the ARCHIVE is corrupted. Can you refresh it?

José Roca

Charles Pegge

I also have problems extracting the files.

If you can find an x3d browser/plugin then you will be able to see the models. This standard is based on vrml but never really established itself.

My latest project is here :)


This zip is a folder my old website containing x3d models