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PowerBasic Forum down (20.07.2013)

Started by Theo Gottwald, July 20, 2013, 09:37:07 PM

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Theo Gottwald

I fully agree with Mike. Take into account that Bob developed all that stuff in ASM Code.
Its hard enough to code this in high level languages. Its much more hard to code it in ASM.
For the future i hope PB will leave this path to some degree to get a higher output rate on new versions.
I'd rather have MS windows get a lower rate, because unlike Powerbasic any new version of windows is worse then the version before. Since Windows 2000.

Patrice Terrier

Quotebecause unlike Powerbasic any new version of windows is worse then the version before. Since Windows 2000.

You are kiding, aren't you  ::)

For me, the introduction of gdiplus, then DWM (since VISTA) has been a major step forward for my business, and the same for the new mixer API, and the hability to use the GPU for advanced graphic.

It all depends of your programming need, for PowerBASIC DDT, Windows 2000, is enough, but not to work with the current multimedia technologies that would require good audio and graphic cards and the latest DirectX (DirectSound) and OpenGL drivers.

Patrice Terrier
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Guy Dombrowski

Theo has a good point,

Since Vista was introduced, if you need to copy a folder that contain a lot of small files, it take forever to get the job done.
I have a Gigabit Lan and I can copy files quickly between my XP machines but with the Win7 ones the speed is incredibly slow.
It feels like you have an old IBM XT.

Same trouble if you use a USB key or SD card.  It is not my computer as I see the same result with my customers's systems.
That problem is well known by Microsoft and if you Google the question you will have zillions of hits.
Anybody know if Win8 solved that bug ?

I was thinking of installing Win7 on my main work machine but have decided to keep my old XP for now.

Patrice Terrier

It is amazlingly fast on my computer...

Because i am always using the latest hardware:
ASUS I7 multi-core + USB 3.0 + SAMSUNG SSD 840 Pro, but of course that won't work on Windows 2000  ;)

USB 3.0 alone, is at least 10 time faster than USB 2.0, what to say compared with USB 1.0 from Windows 2000.


Patrice Terrier
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Guy Dombrowski


I agree that if you have a killer machine, you can hide the slow speed of the operating system.

But my point is that if you have 2 identical computer with a XP and a Win7 Windows, the speed difference is dramatic.

I also have a late gamer machine with quad core and fast SSD disk but would need to replace all my other computers to fix that issue.
A lot of my customers have been upgrading some of their equipment to Win7 and have been complaining to me about that problem that
increase backup time in their lan.

They do not understand why their new machine is slower than the old one.

Guy Dombrowski

Found possible solution.

Disable LSO (Large Send Offload) in Network Adapter Properties.
Will try it and will follow up on the result.


Guy Dombrowski

Yes, it did fix the problem.

Wonder why Microsoft could not find that solution ???

Now I will think about moving to Win7...   And I will be able to play Crysis 3 that will not run under XP...

Added later :

And it also fix the USB transfer bug..

But beware : if you upgrade your Network Adapter drivers the LSO will be reset to on.

Theo Gottwald

I also had these problems, that started with simply copying files "on the machine".
Much slower then under XP. Does it make a copy for NSA under the hood (Restore Point,Old version)?
Also the "I delete 100.000 files and the OS gets very slow" problem still exists and is even worse.
The the network problems - not just under Win 7 - but under Win 8 its even much worse.
The Internet speed is OK now. The speed in the LAN ... i got it fixed with Win 7, but Win 8 ist still slow, slow slow.
I just use this "8" for testing, the rest of the time, the kids from my brother use it for gaming, thats what itsreally good for.

Mike Doty

PowerBASIC site has been down for about 24-hours.   It is 10:10 AM CST  9/1/2015.
Are there other PowerBASIC sites?    Sure glad this one is here!