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FireFly Visual Designer 3.7 is available

Started by Theo Gottwald, October 13, 2013, 11:46:16 AM

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Theo Gottwald

QuoteFireFly Visual Designer 3.7 is available... FREE to existing FireFly 3 registered owners (simply log into the private forum and download the registered version).

FireFly Visual Designer is a rapid application development environment for the PowerBASIC computer language (Version 10 and above). Originally created in 2004, FireFly has become an integral part of hundreds of PowerBASIC user's toolboxes ever since. FireFly accelerates the development of your Windows 32-bit programs. All the speed of "C" with the rapid application development time of Visual Basic - without the runtime DLL overhead of Visual Basic. Every FireFly created application is totally self-contained and does not require any supporting DLLs to be distributed.

Choose from almost 200 internal functions that make combining your code with TreeViews, ListViews, Labels, Command Buttons, TabControls, ProgressBars, etc. extremely easy. You can code entire applications without any Win32 API knowledge. Best of all, FireFly is tightly coupled with Jose Roca's incredible alternative WinAPI Include file set. This means that FireFly now generates High DPI monitor aware applications using Jose's cWindow class. On top of that, you also get access to an amazing assortment of almost 1700 functions wrappers that make coding your Windows application very easy.

The FireFly Visual Designer creates modular code. You are able to quickly "attach" code to individual window's messages that are destined for the controls that you create. Separating the code for each control allows for highly maintainable code and discourages the use of bug causing global variables. The code editor is built in - no need to shell back and forth between a designer and a code editor.

The registered version of FireFly comes with many custom controls that you can use easily in the design environment and use royalty free in your applications. For example, FireTextBox, FireSplitter, FireAniGif, FireImage, FireLines and FireLink, just to name a few.

FireFly allows the use of many visual OCX controls (some Visual Basic created OCX controls will not work).

Registered FireFly users have access to a private support forum containing over 14,000 posts. Help is always close by with many veteran FireFly users ready to lend a hand.

Visit http://www.planetsquires.com for more information, videos and program screenshots.

Limited 30 day trial version is available so you can easily evaluate FireFly to determine if it suits your needs.

FireFly Visual Designer sells for $97 US.

Visit http://www.planetsquires.com/purchase.htm

Released on October 11, 2013, here is the change log for the new version:

FireFly3 - 3.70 (Released 2013-10-11)
- 0000806: [New Feature Request] New tab under "Project Properties" called "Module Parsing" allows modules to be excluded from sorting/parsing during code generation (Paul Squires) - closed.
- 0000840: [New Feature Request] Allow SLL option as well as DLL for external controls (Paul Squires) - closed.
Add the following two lines to the custom control's *.ctl file:
sll_filename = <filename of the SLL>
sll_required = 1
- 0000843: [Change] Enable TBSTYLE_AUTOSIZE style by default for new ToolBar Buttons (Paul Squires) - closed.
- 0000839: [Bug] Form not set to dirty when only Custom property changes (Paul Squires) - closed.
- 0000844: [Bug] Cancel property of CommandButtons getting reset to False when Form closed and opened inside FireFly (Paul Squires) - closed.
- 0000842: [Bug] StatusBars not resizing on multiple instances of the same Form (Paul Squires) - closed.
- 0000841: [Bug] Correct Control ID numbering in code generartion for multiple toolbars in rebar control (Paul Squires) - closed.
- 0000832: [Bug] Duplicate message handlers created if control name changed and source file not saved (Paul Squires) - closed.
- 0000837: [Bug] WebBrowser code generation error if 'Custom' property not accessed prior to first compile (Paul Squires) - closed.
- 0000836: [Bug] Font handle not deleted when control destroyed (Paul Squires) - closed.
- 0000835: [Bug] Correct client offset calculation when Toolbar exists (Paul Squires) - closed.
- 0000834: [Bug] Code generation for TabCtrl_SetItemSize and TabCtrl_SetPadding not scaling in DPI > 100% (Paul Squires) - closed.
- 0000833: [Bug] Code generation now keeps UNION and TYPE declarations together (Paul Squires) - closed.
- 0000831: [Bug] Fonts in 3rd party external controls not scaled per DPI setting (Paul Squires) - closed.
- 0000830: [Bug] GDI+ controls failing to load in DLL's (Paul Squires) - closed.

- Windows 2000 or higher
- PowerBASIC for Windows version 10 or higher
- Jose Roca alternative WinAPI include filesMit der rechten Maustaste hier klicken, um Bilder downzuloaden. Um Ihre Privatsphäre besser zu schützen, hat Outlook den automatischen Download dieses Bilds vom Internet verhindert.