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Konstruct Code Editor - Freeware

Started by Daren Oliver, January 17, 2011, 11:26:20 PM

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Daren Oliver

Hi Tony.

I hadn't considered plugin support but it wouldn't be too difficult. That said, I wouldn't be writing a custom interface, you would need to use the exisiting Scintilla documentation to learn how to manipulate a document. It's very easy once you are familiar with it!

Did you have a particular task in mind or was that just a general question?

José Roca

Plugin support ws added to SED a long time ago and nobody has written plugins for it...

Bob Houle


What is the criteria for using WinApi include files?

I was under the impression that by setting the path to Jose's WinApi files everything I needed was available to Konstruct.

I wanted to open a folder that I'm working with and it would not compile with version PBWin10 saying that it could not find "Shellexecute".

for example:

'Open the directory so that I can see if it's been done
       ShellExecute(0, "Open", Exe.Path$, $Nul, $Nul, %SW_RESTORE)

I solved it by using the "Add File" procedure in Konstruct.

Question is:
Since Konstruct uses #Optimize Code On... why doesn't "Windows.inc" get added automatically?


Daren Oliver

Hi Bob,

#Optimize Code On doesn't automatically add all of Josés files. You still need to select which API files you want included. (Select Initialize.bas in the Treeview, hit the 'Active API Files' button in the property grid and you'll see a list of Josés files.

José provides 'Win32API.inc' for compatability which include does include 'Windows.inc' and this is automatically added to a new project.
I tested it by starting a New Project, adding your code and it compiled fine.

Theo Gottwald

QuotePlugin support ws added to SED a log time ago and nobody has written plugins for it...

Jose, i have thought about that statement. Many of the PB'er are a bit shy to post their code in the public.
Possibly there are a lot of Add Ons - but you'll not get to see them.

Having said that, SED can do 99% of whats needed, and don't ask me right now if there is something missing or what.
Therefore not so many people will want to add an "AddOn".

José Roca

I will post an updated version of SED when I will finish with the headers. You can do with its code whatever you wish. But CSED is another history: I'm using in it exclusively my own code and my own solutions (no more having to update other people's code that I don't fully understand how it works). I'm not going to add features for the sake of it. If you want a Find in Files tool, you can use Gotcha or any of the free or comercial tools available. No need to implement one in the editor. If I had to implement all the suggestions, I could not do anything else, and the headers, wrappers and classes in which I'm working are far more important than an editor, a COM browser or any other tool, even if most PBer's haven't realized it yet.

José Roca

And since this is a thread for the Konstruct Code Editor, it's not the place to talk about SED or CSED. I thank very much Daren for having chosen this forum to host his great editor. As I said before, Konstruct is more suitable for projects that require many include files and resources, and CSED is more suitable for the kind of work that I do, i.e. to deal with thousands of small, unrelated files.

Theo Gottwald

Teamwork, versioning, project orientation is still a domain of MS and VS.
Actually Daren's Editor is just a first step into this direction.
I hope fpr PB he'll go on with its developement.

Reading the ad's for VS, there is no word about "optimized code" or "executable size".
They talk about teamwork, project schedules etc.
This is what companies want to talk about.

Brice Manuel

Does anybody have a non-corrupted ZIP download for the last version of Konstruct?

José Roca

Daren Oliver

I've replaced the corrupted file with a working one now. Sorry for the delay, its summer here I'm mostly out doing other things while I have the chance. That said, its starting to turn colder here now so I'll be back on Konstruct very soon!

Brice Manuel

Darren:  Thank you very much.  I really appreciate it.  :)