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Gregorian Date Library

Started by Egbert Zijlema, September 13, 2011, 10:01:07 PM

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Egbert Zijlema

The Gregorian Date Library is a must for every PB-programmer who wants to implement calendar date manipulations in his projects. It contains several date-related functions, including 2 (yes two!) routines to calculate the date of Easter (Easter Sunday) for a given year. Why 2? Easter Sunday can fall on a different date in the so called Orthodox churches (Greece, Russia).

Furthermore GDL can handle calendar dates from October 15 1582, the official first day of our Gregorian Calendar. For some unknown reason Windows starts timecounting almost twenty years later: on January 1 1601.
Don't hesitate and download the Gregorian Library here: http://zijlema.basicguru.eu/files/gregorian.zip

Egbert Zijlema
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