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Tsunami Record Manager

Started by Theo Gottwald, May 14, 2013, 08:57:27 AM

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Theo Gottwald

TSUNAMI Record Manager

Copyright (c) 2002-2004 - Advantage Systems.  All rights reserved.

Version 2.6 ... 2004-02-06


The Tsunami Record Manager is being released at no charge to all
interested Win32 developers, however it remains the copyrighted
intellectual property of Advantage Systems.


Included / Required Files:

README.TXT ..... This document

TRM.DLL ........ The Tsunami Record Manager Dynamic Link Library

TRM.INC ........ Include file for 32-bit PowerBASIC compilers

TRM.PDF ........ Tsunami user's guide - Adobe PDF file

TRMDEMO.BAS .... Demo application source for PB/DLL 6.x
                                         and PB/Win 7.x

TRMDEMO.EXE .... Compiled version of the demo application

DATA0005.TXT ... Sequential ASCII file of sample records used by
                 the TRMDEMO.BAS demo application.  This file may
                 be named any of the following, depending on what
                 you downloaded from the Tsunami web site...

                 * DATA0005.TXT ...  5,000 sample records
                 * DATA0010.TXT ... 10,000 sample records
                 * DATA0020.TXT ... 20,000 sample records
                 * DATA0030.TXT ... 30,000 sample records

     Important:  Rename the file to TRMDEMO.TXT so TRMDEMO.BAS
                 can find it.


Tsunami is implemented in the form of a single DLL named TRM.DLL
which requires no system registration in Windows.  Simply install
the DLL in the same directory with your application files or in
the \Windows\System(32) directory.  TRM.DLL should not be renamed.
If you change the TRM.DLL file name and modify the declarations in
TRM.INC, the Tsunami Record Manager will not load.

You must put the following metastatement near the beginning of
your source code ...

                 #INCLUDE "TRM.INC"

Be sure to read the License Agreement in Appendix "A" of the
Tsunami user's guide (TRM.PDF) before using TRM.DLL

The TRMDEMO.BAS demo application

TRMDEMO.BAS is included with Tsunami to provide an example of how
to call TRM.DLL functions from within PB/DLL 6.0-6.1 or PB/Win 7.0

When compiled, TRMDEMO.EXE allows you to create various types
of Tsunami files.  If you don't change any of the default settings
TRMDEMO creates a file of "customer records" with 1 index...
a 6-byte account number.

When you click the "Create File" button, TRMDEMO.EXE will look
for the TRMDEMO.TXT file in the default directory and load the
desired number of records into the newly defined Tsunami file, up
to the maximum in the file.

You may opt to use fixed length records taken straight out of the
TRMDEMO.TXT file (each one is 200 bytes long) or you may choose to
create variable length records.  If you choose variable length,
TRMDEMO.EXE will pad the end of each record with the following
string of 26 characters...


... anywhere from 1 to 100 times to create records that vary in
length from 226 to 2800 bytes each, averaging around 1500 bytes.
Even though Tsunami does offer record compression (see TRM.PDF)
these "padded" records will not compress due to their lack of con-
tiguous repeating characters.  This helps to demonstrate Tsunami's
handling of larger, variable length records.

After creating a Tsunami file, use the controls in the lower half
of the dialog to experiment with various Tsunami function calls.

NOTE: The Recover and Rebuild buttons are only available after
      you close the file.

There is no documentation provided for TRMDEMO.BAS other than
comments placed throughout the source code.  The names and
addresses contained in the TRMDEMO.TXT file are computer generated
samples... they are not real.

Theo Gottwald

As far as i know, I would say "NO".
As his site seems not to exist anymore, we may not be able to ask him.

John Spikowski

Messing with the dead is morbid. You would be best served by using SQLite as a local DB and MySQL for client/server applications.

Theo Gottwald

This DLL is just 66.5 kb. Its a small addition that can just be use.
While i would prefer Stan's Datatypes for most uses.

Vincent van der Leun

I remember I was considering to buy it and a few weeks later it was gone.
If I remember correctly, at that time the product was not updated for quite a while though.

Was it ever openly (hope that is proper English...) revealed why they quit?

Theo Gottwald

Its always the same reason. People make a software programm, believe they will soon get richt (like BIll Gates - but he did not really make anything himself - he just got the right people to do it).
Then they realize that (unlike Bill) they do not have thze right people to sell it and the money does not come as expected. Expenses are always there, no income ... after all they quit dissapointed.
How often may if have happend in Software bussiness?
Because "owning and making a bussiness" and "making Software" are 2 pairs of shoes.
Only very few people can get both of them at their legs at the same time.