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zDraw (vector and raster drawing application)

Started by Patrice Terrier, February 09, 2009, 06:43:26 PM

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Patrice Terrier


This is a multiple layers drawing application, i wrote several years ago.

It is provided with a detailed CHM help file, and you can use either the english or french language.

zDraw uses its own proprietary ZMI graphic format, that works like the PSD format, it is able to embed vectorial and raster graphic altogether.

It contains a thumbnail preview that is compatible with Internet Explorer as you can try with the links below.

Click on the link with the left mouse button to see a preview.
Click on the link with the right mouse button and select "Save target as" to download the full ZMI file.
Tutorial 1 Cut out.
Tutorial 2 Colorisation.
Tutorial 3 Overlaping layers.
Tutorial 4 Business card.
Tutorial 5 Post card.

Patrice Terrier
GDImage (advanced graphic addon)