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The purpose of this forum

Started by Patrice Terrier, December 08, 2008, 05:15:05 PM

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Patrice Terrier

This forum is to post any question you may have, about the GDImage graphic library.

GDImage is a professionnal graphic component provided under the form of a native Win32 DLL, designed to work with SEVEN, VISTA, XP, 2000.

GDImage controls are persistent, you'll never worry about redrawing when your window is minimized or temporarily covered, because they handle all the messy Windows details for you.

Create once... and forget, GDImage handles everything, automatically!

GDImage supports ARGB colors, this means RGB colors plus Alpha channel to perform alphablending (translucency).

GDImage supports a mix of raster bitmap and vectorial drawing.

GDImage allows you to use either child controls, popup layered windows, and/or popup shapped windows (a windows using a region based on a transparent bitmap color)

GDImage allows you to create sprite animation, dynamic image rotation, and stunning visual effects.

GDImage has zooming capabilities and is able to handle very large pictures.

With GDImage you can display sprite objects (image, text, line, arrow, ellipse, rectangle, polyline, polypoligon, curve) they are floating above the image background as multiple transparent or opaque layers that can overlap.

You can use variable opacity to create real life glass effect.

You can change all object's properties on the fly:
z-order, location, color, pen size, translucency, text string, draft or antialias mode.

With GDImage you can use a mix of GDI, GDI+, and OpenGL altogether inside of the same image control!

Width GDImage you can create OpenGL 3D graphics with ease, using any of the supported graphic format to create texture (even transparent, with variable opacity).

The GDImage API uses exclusively the low level SDK flat API, to provide the tightest and fastest code possible, without the extra overhead of encapsulation found in managed code.

GDImage works with any Win32 compiler plus VISUAL STUDIO (C, C++, C#) and WinDev (all versions).

You can download the complete GDImage trial version there.

The lattest GDImage version is: 5.25

Patrice Terrier
GDImage (advanced graphic addon)

Patrice Terrier

After the server collapse, all the GDImage examples have been updated, and reworked using GDImage 5.25 and PB10.

Done...  8)
Patrice Terrier
GDImage (advanced graphic addon)