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Charles Pege promoted to Global Moderator with own board!

Started by Theo Gottwald, August 02, 2007, 08:51:40 AM

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Theo Gottwald

Not only programms need constant improvement, this is true for a internet forum, too.

Such improvements are creations and therefore made by creators.
Creators in this case are people who are talented to communicate,
people with knowledge, and people who want to exchange this knowledge with a community.

How do we find such people to improve our forum?

We did not make an ad in the newspaper, we just looked at the applications from you all.
In the Board statistics.

Just these pure facts showed us, that Charles is a next step up in building and improving this community.

He is Nr. 2 of the Top ten Posters. He is the person the most time Online in the Forum - after Jose -.
These are facts that proof that he has already applied successfully fort his new board.*

Now this was the missing step, to make official what the statistics already showed us.

Charles here is your new Board, welcome in the Moderators Team!
We (as a community) are happy to have you as a contributor for this board.

*When we asked him on this, he said "I have a number of pieces which will come to fruition fairly soon, and would be delighted to share  them with you all."

Kent Sarikaya

From the short time I have been on this forum I observed how helpful and knowledgeable Charles is. So glad he is recognized and congratulations.

Charles Pegge

Many thanks to Theo and José,

This is an excellent forum, so I feel very honoured to be able to participate in it.

I need to consider how best to categorise this board. We can use it as a place to explore different ideas on Computer languages and their applications. Perhaps less centred on system specifics.

One area of interest is computer languages both compiled and interpreted. There is probably far too many of them out there. (One repository holds more than 8000!), but this is inevitable as computing rapidly evolves. But we programmers hope that we will not end up spending  all our waking hours porting applications from on language to another. These languages attempt to bridge the gap between human-centred expertise and the CPU with varying degrees of efficiency and ease of expression.

This will be a good place to explore different modes of programming, be they
raw machine code, reverse-polish notation, BASIC or markup languages.

One of my aims is to anchor this stuff to the physical world - beyond the office desktop and the games console, and before being wafted away on a cloud of abstractions

Theo Gottwald

Let me say that for the really short time, you are here you are really one of the most active members.
Keep on staying with us, as you can see, we monitor whats going on and we honour people who take time to share their knowledge and contribute to the forum and web- community. Charles is an excellent example.

I am sure his sub-board will develope an own personality with time as did the Boards from Jose and Donald.
This may lead to different user-groups in different boards - with time,
always with the chance to take a peek in neighbours garden and get valuable inspirations.

Actually I am sure we have already a Jose-Roca "Fan Club" in here somehow.
We will have more Fans for postings with other focus in other sub-boards with time.

This is our master plan for having an interesting focus point for the BASIC programmers community in the upcoming time.
Its not secret and anyonce can take a part in it.

Eros Olmi

This is the way to drive a forum: participation ad continuous little changes.
My best wishes.
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Paul Squires

Congratulations Charles! I certainly enjoy all of your postings and I'll be sure to continue to enjoy your new sub-board.
Paul Squires
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Petr Schreiber

Hi Charles,

I am looking forward to your new ( especially OpenGL ) samples !

This will be a good place to explore different modes of programming, be they
raw machine code, reverse-polish notation, BASIC or markup languages.

Any chance some proggies for older programmable HP calculators may appear ;) ?

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Charles Pegge

Reverse Polish Notation


I never had one of those Petr, but had some experience with a Sinclair 'Oxford'
scientific calculator. As everyone knows Sinclair products disintegrate very rapidly, but I got some use out of it after a replacement or two.

We will have to reproduce it in software. There is much to said about writing expressions which always proceed from left to right without twiddling about with brackets and equals signs.

Thanks everybody. I am thinking about boards and topics,before setting up anything. All suggestions welcome.

Theo Gottwald

I used FORTH long time and I still like it. Its stack based design based on UPN.

@Eros: All you contributions and ideas to improve the forum - here and via e-mail - have been noticed as well, Eros. I hope you stay with Jose's forum as permanent source of ideas for improvements, too.

Kent Sarikaya

Its a pleasure to be here. It is a gold mine of information thanks to all the great members and your kindness in sharing your knowledge, A big THANKS!!